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Amazon’s Warehouse Workers Repeatedly Injured Without Workers’ Compensation


A new national study released by the University of Chicago’s Center for Urban Economic Development found that almost 70 percent of Amazon.com’s warehouse workers reported having to take unpaid time off to recover from painful injuries or exhaustion on the job, and more than 30 percent of these same workers had to do so three or more times. These statistics translate to almost seven out of every 100 Amazon workers, which equates to more than double the rate of injury among all warehouse workers, as a whole.

The data not only suggests that injuries and pain at Amazon are far more widespread than originally thought, but that Amazon is not handling these injuries appropriately in terms of providing protection for workers and the proper workers’ compensation when they are injured.

The Second Largest Warehouse Employer

The report was based on a survey that gathered responses from almost 1,500 warehouse workers in more than 450 facilities across more than 40 states, looking at an employer who employs hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers in the U.S. Amazon is, indeed, the second biggest warehouse employer next to Walmart, employing almost 30 percent of the country’s total warehousing workers. As a result, exercises a significant amount of control over working conditions, compensation, and the way that injuries and long term health issues are handled for these workers.

Workers Pushed Too Hard, Too Quickly

Amazon has responded that worker safety is a top priority and the company continues to invest in safety throughout its operations, however, this latest report adds to the growing scrutiny of the company’s operations. Critics – and the workers themselves – claim that workers are suffering from largely avoidable injuries that stem from Amazon simply pushing workers to work too hard too quickly; in fact, one state has alleged a direct connection between Amazon warehouse employees and musculoskeletal disorders suffered by these workers. Meanwhile, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has already cited the retail giant for exposing workers to ergonomic risks in facilities across the country.

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