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Rugby Players Also Have Serious Brain Injury Concerns


A new study released has shed light on traumatic brain injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), outside of the context of American football; specifically, as they apply to other sports, such as rugby. The study specifically found that nearly two-thirds of former rugby players who played at amateur level displayed evidence of CTE, and is a wake up call to those involved in contact sports to reduce head impacts in all of these sports.

CTE is a brain condition caused by repeated head injuries and blows to the head, and it tends to get worse and worse over time, sometimes even leading to dementia. People who regularly play contact sports, such as boxing, football, and rugby, have a higher chance of developing it due to the nature of these sports.

Shocking Statistics

According to the study, with an average playing career of 18 years, almost 70 percent of those brains studied showed traces of CTE, and the study calculated that, with every extra year beyond 18 of rugby played, there was a 14 percent increase in the risk of developing CTE. In addition, the average age of the former players studied was 60 at the time of death.

The Cause

CTE in the context of rugby is reportedly caused by the shaking, twisting, and rotating of the head, thousands of times over and over again, and over the course of a number of years. This can cause deep damage in the brain, where some have compared the brain to a bowl of porridge being repeatedly spun over and over again.

The Negligence

While there are tools out there to reduce injuries to players and manage concussions, not enough is being done to address the problem and improve safety. As a result, lawsuits brought over CTE and related brain injuries are no longer limited to athletes injured in football, but include those injured in other contact sports, such as rugby.

Many of these players have been diagnosed with early onset dementia and other brain disorders, such as epilepsy and motor neuron disease – all as a result of playing the sport for decades without the proper protections put in place to prevent brain injuries.

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