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Success Stories

We never stop fighting for our clients!

Workers’ compensation success story – Our client was up against one of the largest employers in the Southeast U.S. For three years, the company had denied our client his benefits, even though he’d been with the company for more than 40 years.

Buzzell, Welsh & Hill workers’ compensation attorney Josh Carroll took them to court and won. And he kept on winning! The big corporation appealed each time – from the Appellate Division of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation to the Burke County Superior Court to the Georgia Court of Appeals. Every time, Josh Carroll and BWH won for our client. Thanks to the persistence of our workers’ compensation attorneys, our client finally received more than $90,000 in past-due workers’ compensation benefits.

I was just the passenger – with big injuries and big medical bills.

Car accident success story — Our client was from Florida and had been in a bad car wreck in Macon in 2013. She was a passenger, with her friend being one of the drivers involved in the accident. They had stopped off I-475 at Eisenhower Parkway to refuel. That’s when the car wreck happened. Both drivers claimed they had a green light at the intersection.

Our client injured her head, neck and leg in the wreck. She returned home to Florida and soon had $9,000 in medical bills from treating her injuries. Both insurance companies denied fault. Car accident attorney Chad Ethridge at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill wasn’t afraid to file suit against both drivers in Bibb State Court.

After four years of lawsuits, our client finally received justice – thanks to Chad’s legal prowess, strategic negotiations, persistence and keen attention to detail. She received $27,500 for her injuries and medical expenses. This included $22,500 from her friend’s insurance company and $5,000 from the other driver’s insurance. We never stopped believing in our client’s cause and fighting for her. Now she truly feels free to move on with her life.

No lawyers gave me any hope, until Stephen Welsh at BWH!

I was involved in a workers’ compensation case. Needless to say, I was extremely stressed by everything. I sought out advice from numerous lawyers and none provided any hope for me, until I spoke with Stephen Welsh at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill in Macon, GA. Mr. Welsh immediately started working on my case and filed a claim against my former employer. He got me every penny I was entitled to under the law. I highly recommend Stephen Welsh.”
T. Sullivan – Warner Robbins, GA

Now I can retire like I always planned to do!

Personal Injury Success Story – Our client was severely injured when hit by logs hanging off of the back of truck at an intersection. Insurance covered some of the medical bills, but co-pays and other expenses would have consumed his entire retirement savings. Our client just wanted to pay his bills and save his retirement money for retirement.

The personal injury lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill looked beyond the police reports, talked to witnesses, and reconstructed the scene to prove that the log truck was at fault. The case settled quickly and our client is now enjoying a full and happy retirement. Congratulations Josh Carroll, BWH personal injury attorney.

I was involved in a car accident and at first I hired one of those TV attorneys. Needless to say, I was not happy. A friend of mine told me about Jed Hill at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill. As soon as I met Mr. Hill, I fired the attorney in Atlanta and let Mr. Hill take over my case. Mr. Hill was so professional. He returned all of my phone calls and answered all my questions. He won my case and got me more money that I expected. I am so thankful!”
A. Lewis

My accident changed my life, but BWH helped me move forward down a new path.

Personal Injury Success Story – Two high school kids were involved in a car wreck while driving to school, hit head-on by a distracted driver. The 17 year old driver, only one semester away from graduating and joining the Army, was injured so badly that he was no longer able to serve his country. With big medical bills, the family contacted the attorneys at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill for help.

The personal injury lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill uncovered all available sources of insurance money and were able to negotiate a settlement five times more than the initial insurance company offer. BWH also negotiated the medical liens, reducing the family’s medical expenses. The family was able to pay all of the medical bills, and our client is attending night school on a new career path. Congratulations Josh Carroll, BWH car accident attorney.

I am so pleased with the service I received at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill. The attorneys are very knowledgeable and the staff is so helpful and competent. Joshua Carroll and Jed Hill both handled cases on my behalf and both attorneys provided excellent service. I was very pleased with the settlement. Thanks Buzzell, Welsh & Hill for being such a caring, hardworking law firm.”
E. Lowe

I’m glad I didn’t take the first offer.

Workers compensation success story – Our client injured his back on the job. After initially contacting BWH, he first decided to work directly with his employer’s insurance company. The adjuster made an offer, hinting that the insurance company might pay a little more if he would settle quickly. Our client didn’t feel like he was offered a fair settlement, and returned to Buzzell, Welsh & Hill for help.

The workers compensation lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill approached the adjuster to negotiate a fair settlement for all parties. Knowing that BWH would go to court if needed to get the client what he deserved, the insurance company quickly settled for nearly three times the initial offer. Congratulations Josh Carroll, BWH workers compensation attorney.

My family and I are eternally grateful to Buzzell, Welsh & Hill. We experienced a very difficult time in our lives and required their assistance. Attorney Jed Hill handled our case, He is awesome! He is very professional and poised, but he’s a barracuda and leaves NO stone unturned! He fought hard for our family and it showed by the outcome. I know think of him as more than my attorney, I think of him as a friend.”
S. Washington

One wrong call cost me two years!

Workers’ compensation Success Story – Our client, the captain of a fire department, fell off a ladder during a training exercise and sustained severe neck and eye injuries. Before contacting BWH, he worked with a lawyer from a TV ad, but made little progress and was forced to use one of only a few doctors. He finally made the right call, and the workers compensation attorneys at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill took his case to mediation.

Attorney Josh Carroll and the client determined that a lump sum settlement was the best way to settle the case and meet the client’s goals. The settlement was more than twice the initial offer. Now our client can see his own doctor and enjoy his retirement without worrying about a monthly workers comp check. Congratulations Josh Carroll, BWH workers compensation attorney.

I am filled with gratitude for the quality, caring service I received at the law firm of Buzzell, Welsh & Hill. Navigating the system can be intimidating, frightening, and frustrating; however, the professionalism and caring shown by my attorney, Stephen Welsh. Stephen has made this experience more tolerable. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind. I am so thankful to have such an incredible advocate. I highly recommend BWH without hesitation!”
N. Peyatt

I just wanted to get back to work so I could help others.

Workers compensation success story – Our client, a nurse at a nearby hospital, fell while picking up her paycheck on her day off. Her knee required major surgery, and she was forced to miss more than six months of work. Our client had no health insurance, and the hospital’s insurance provider denied her claim. She just wanted to pay her bills and get back to work, not sue anyone.

The workers compensation lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill took the case, went to trial, and were able to show that hospital workload and paycheck pick-up policies made the hospital and its insurance company liable for our client’s injuries. The court quickly reached a decision, fully compensating our client for her incurred medical expenses and lost wages. Receiving the help she needed, our client is back at work now helping others. Congratulations Steve Welsh, BWH workers compensation attorney.

Having Jed Hill as my lawyer was the best legal decision I ever made. Having worked for an insurance company myself for many years I was quick to recognize the superior customer service I received from Attorney Hill and his paralegal, Lisa. Attorney Hill exceeded all my expectations and I received the maximum settlement. I highly recommend Attorney Jed Hill and his awesome staff to anyone in need of legal representation.”
T. Welch

My reputation was on the line.

Truck accident success story – Our client was driving his truck on I-16 when he approached another truck that was barely moving. While trying to avoid an accident, he hit the back of the other truck and crushed both of his legs. Our client claimed the other truck was traveling unsafely and illegally slow, something the other driver denied. The trucking company denied his claims and no other attorneys would take his case – until he visited BWH.

The truck accident lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill took the case and went to trial. We showed overwhelming evidence that the other truck had engine overheating problems and was traveling at an unsafe speed. Our client took his fair share of the blame, but the jury found the slow driver was primarily at fault and compensated our client for all of his medical bills. Most of all, our client received peace of mind, knowing that he was a safe driver. Congratulations Steve Welsh, BWH truck accident attorney.

I had an excellent experience with this law firm! Mostly with Jed Hill and Lisa Green as they bore the brunt of my case. I was very impressed with the depth of understanding and knowledge they possess. I feel they were invaluable to me during a very bad time. They made navigating through my case easy to understand, even if I did not agree, I understood (think of law 101 for dummies). I highly recommend BWH law firm! Great people! ”
C. Debona

Help my child!

Catastrophic burn success story – Our client’s child received major burns and injuries after accidentally tipping over a stove top full of hot food in their apartment. The child was airlifted to an Augusta hospital burn center, where she suffered through many painful surgeries and racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. To make things even worse, while staying near the hospital the family was evicted from their home. They turned to BWH for help.

The catastrophic burn lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill were able to show that the client’s landlord did not install the provided stove correctly. This terrible situation could have been avoided by installing the $0.10 bracket that the manufacturer recommended in its installation manual. While we couldn’t turn back the clock, our client received the money they needed to pay their bills and move forward with their lives. Congratulations Jed Hill, BWH catastrophic burn attorney.

I can’t say enough about the law firm of Buzzell, Welsh & Hill and particularly my attorney, Josh Carroll. Always ready to answer my questions and keep me informed along the way in getting my case settled. The staff was always very warm and accommodating whenever I called or was in the office. What a great team they have there. I would refer anyone who was in need of their services. 5 STARS :)”

C. Marx

I need to make a living so I can support my kids.

Workers compensation success story – Our client worked for a construction company and was hurt when he fell off a ladder. He was hospitalized, then unable to continue working to support his children and pay off the more than $100,000 of medical expenses. The company wouldn’t pay anything, claiming that he tested positive for marijuana. Our client felt abandoned, knowing he was not high when he was injured and that his fall was just an accident. He went to BWH for help.

The workers compensation lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill took on this very complex case, knowing that it would be a battle to win. We were able to show that intoxication was not a factor, and our client’s boss rode with him to work that day and found our client to be acting normally. BWH won the trial as well as the appeal. Our client was able to pay his bills and received a fair settlement so he could continue to support his children. Congratulations Jed Hill, BWH workers compensation attorney.

I want to join the rest of my family.

Car accident success story – Our client, a physical therapist, was rear-ended while driving through Macon and had to be hospitalized. She had to treat her injuries for several months and missed work as a result, spending the money that she was saving to join the rest of her family in another state. After receiving a low settlement offer from her insurance company, she visited the BWH office for help.

Once the insurance company knew that the car accident lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill were involved and would go to court if necessary, they increased their settlement offer exponentially. We then negotiated a reduction in our client’s medical bills so she could put more of the settlement money in her pocket. Our client now lives happily with the rest of her family. Congratulations Camille Dizon, BWH personal injury attorney.

They helped me get my life back.

Pedestrian accident success story – While crossing the street, our client, a grandmother, was run over by a drunk driver. She spent a month in the hospital, and then was bed-ridden and required the assistance of a live-in nurse who was a family member. Learning that the drunk driver had very little insurance and no assets, another attorney actually dropped her case. As the medical bills piled up, our client felt like the world was against her and turned to BWH for assistance.

The pedestrian accident lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill negotiated with both the auto insurance company as well as Medicare. Our client was able to pay her bills, and even had money to get back on her feet. She was grateful that BWH was willing to take her case, despite the limited insurance coverage, and help her fulfill her dream of watching her granddaughter’s high school graduation ceremony. Congratulations Camille Dizon, BWH personal injury attorney.

I need to get back to work!

Car accident success story – Our client had a history of back problems due to three car collisions over a five year period.  None of the collisions were his fault. He hurt his shoulder in the third accident. The insurance company pointed to the previous injuries as the cause of his shoulder pain. Our client needed surgery so he could get back to work.

The car accident lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill talked to the client’s orthopedic doctor, who issued an opinion that the most recent collision caused the client’s shoulder injury. A post-collision MRI showed that our client was suffering from a major shoulder injury, offering further proof of the new injury. With the doctor’s opinions regarding our client, we were able to show the insurance company that the client’s most recent collision was the cause of his shoulder injury. We reached a fair settlement, and our client was able to pay his medical bills and get back to work. Congratulations Steven McNeel, BWH car accident attorney.

I did everything right, but no one would help me.

Workers compensation success story – Our client was involved in a forklift accident when a co-worker struck her from behind. She followed all company rules – reported the accident immediately, asked for treatment, and eventually sought medical assistance on her own because her employer would not assist her. Even with a doctor’s work excuse note, the company would not arrange for proper medical care. When the doctor classified her as disabled, the company fired her. With no health insurance to obtain necessary medical care, she turned to BWH for help.

The workers compensation lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill proved that the forklift accident caused a disabling spinal injury. Thanks to BWH, a worker’s compensation judge ordered our client’s employer to pay for her lost wages and incurred medical bills, and even required the employer to pay for our client’s attorney’s fees and case expenses. Our client was able to get follow-up treatment as well as physical therapy to continue the healing process. Congratulations Steven McNeel, BWH workers compensation attorney.

I couldn’t afford treatment.

Truck accident success story – Our client, a log truck driver from near Dublin, was hit by another log truck in a head-on collision. He was badly hurt, and an MRI revealed a herniated disc and a torn rotator cuff. The client did not have health insurance, so he couldn’t afford treatment for his injuries. After nearly a year in pain, he was able to find a plan that worked for him and get the neck surgery he needed. But even with insurance, the medical bills were still high. He needed help from the truck accident lawyers at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill.

We were able to show the extent of the driver’s injuries, separate them from an older injury and link them to the head-on collision. Once the insurance company understood we were ready to take the case to trial, they decided to settle. Our client got the money he deserved — enough to pay for his medical bills and help him move on with his life. Congratulations Josh Carroll, BWH truck accident attorney.

Treated me like family!

“This firm is great. They fight for you, they make you as comfortable as possible, they answer all your questions and they’re there for you 24/7. Steven McNeel was my lawyer at this firm, and he treated me like family instead of a client. The whole staff treated you like family. This firm is the best, so if you need a good lawyer and want to feel comfortable during your process, this is the firm you want. They will not let you down. Thank you, Buzzell, Welsh & Hill, LLP, for being there for me.”
Nola L.

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