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Category Archives: Wrongful Death


Think You Have a Wrongful Death Case? If So, Here’s What You Do First

By Buzzell, Welsh & Hill |

If you think your loved one died wrongfully, the grief can be so overwhelming that it’s hard to think about what to do next. You’re sad, angry, and emotional. However, you need to focus on making sure you bring justice to your loved one while taking care of your financial needs. It’s an overwhelming… Read More »

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Time Is Ticking: A Checklist for When You Need to File a Wrongful Death Claim

By Buzzell, Welsh & Hill |

A wrongful death situation is one of the most devastating experiences a family or close friends may face. Initially, it’s understandable to focus on more immediate needs such as your own grieving, taking care of the deceased’s finances and estate, and figuring out how to move forward in life without your loved one. You… Read More »

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Helping Children Grieve and Cope After the Wrongful Death of a Loved One

By Buzzell, Welsh & Hill |

A sudden death shatters lives—and a wrongful death case prolongs the emotional and financial agony long after the wrongful death occurs. But no aspect of a wrongful death case is more sad than watching how it affects children. A natural or expected death due to illness is bad enough for children, but at least… Read More »

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