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Macon Bedsores & Pressure Ulcers Attorney

Elderly or physically impaired patients in nursing homes and hospitals may sometimes develop pressure ulcers, also known as pressure sores or bedsores. These institutions are required to take certain steps to keep pressure sores from occurring, like:

  • Close monitoring
  • Regularly repositioning
  • Proper sanitation
  • Special bedding

With proper care, these sores can be prevented or quickly treated. Unfortunately, patient neglect in some facilities causes unnecessary cases of bedsores. That’s where a Macon bedsore & pressure ulcer attorney from Buzzell, Welsh & Hill can help.

What causes bedsores?

Pressure sores are caused by continuous pressure on the skin, usually from someone lying in a bed or sitting in a chair for a long period of time. These sores usually occur in bony areas of the body, like elbows, hips, lower back, and heels. The pressure reduces the flow of blood, and the skin eventually breaks down, forming an open sore. Pressure sores may cause infections if not treated quickly.

Pressure sores can be a sign of neglect in nursing homes and hospitals

Bed sores are preventable in most cases, and can be effectively treated when diagnosed in the early stages. If you or a loved one is suffering from pressure sores, immediately contact an attorney from Buzzell, Welsh & Hill to review the situation and advise you on your options, including demands for immediate treatment.

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