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Forsyth Car Accident Attorney

If you or anyone in your vehicle is injured in a car accident, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney. An experienced Forsyth car accident attorney can help you boost your recovery efforts if you’re injured or better defend yourself if you’re at fault.

What To Do Before a Forsyth Car Accident

It doesn’t matter how good your driving record is, you never know when a car accident will happen. You’ll be glad you were prepared and kept these tips in mind:

  • Have important information in reach, like your ID, proof of insurance card and vehicle registration
  • Keep your phone with you and charged, but don’t drive distracted
  • Avoid keeping loose items on your seats, where they can become projectiles in a car accident

Rely on a Forsyth Car Accident Attorney

An unexpected car accident can leave you feeling shaken and overwhelmed. It’s important to review post-accident procedures now, while you are calm and thinking clearly. These steps can help prepare you or your loved one and make the moments after a car accident less stressful.

  • Move out of the road if your car is not impaired — Georgia law requires this
  • Stop your vehicle and get out
  • Find out who else is involved in the accident and be prepared to call 911 and have police assess the scene
  • Gather information about the accident as best as possible
  • Document the Forsyth car accident using a smartphone camera

When dealing with a car accident, your first priority should always be your health and well-being. Focus first on your medical needs. Go to the doctor and get checked for injuries, even if they seem minor. This advice remains true even if you don’t feel pain initially. After seeing a doctor, you need to request a police report to help determine who is listed at fault in the car accident. The police report will help you determine if there are any listed witnesses to the car accident. Taking these steps will help you have the answers ready for a lawyer, ensuring that your case is as strong as possible.

Use Caution in Discussing the Accident

Make sure you don’t share information about the Forsyth car accident with anyone — and this includes posting about it on social media — aside from your personal insurance company, the police and your lawyer. Do not talk to an agent from another driver’s insurance company without the consent and knowledge of your Forsyth car accident attorney or insurer. When you receive a phone call, be cordial but request the agent call your Forsyth car accident attorney to arrange an interview. Then be sure to inform your Forsyth car accident lawyer about the call.

Consider Hiring a Forsyth Car Accident Attorney

Contact Buzzell, Welsh & Hill for a free consultation. As one of the best Forsyth car accident attorneys, we work on a contingency fee arrangement. You pay nothing up front. Our attorneys only get paid after you have received your compensation from your car accident.

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