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Warner Robins Personal Injury Attorney

Whenever you are handling any type of major injury, you’re probably dealing with a lot of stress and have to make important decisions quickly. A reliable personal injury lawyer Warner Robins can trust is just a phone call away. The attorneys from The Law Offices of Buzzell, Welsh & Hill would be happy to discuss your personal injury situation. Personal injuries are often the result of human mistakes and are generally preventable. When you’re in pain because of human negligence, you may have the right to compensation. Contact a reliable Warner Robins personal injury attorney today, we can help.

Dealing with a Car Accident in Warner Robins, GA

After an auto accident in Warner Robins, GA, your primary concern should always be your safety and well-being. To assist with a personal injury case, it’s important that you or an injured loved one go to the doctor immediately. Oftentimes after an accident, your adrenaline is rushing and you may not feel pain right away. It’s still important to be checked out the next day after a car accident. You will need to get a police report to find out who was “at-fault” on the report. If you can, get the contact information from any witnesses at the scene of the accident.

When you contact Buzzell, Welsh & Hill, trustworthy Warner Robins personal injury attorneys, they will ask you a series of questions. Taking the steps mentioned above will help you have the answers ready, ensuring that Buzzell, Welsh & Hill can give you the best outcome for your case.

Information from Your Personal Injury Attorney

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you. There are tactics that insurance adjusters may try to use. Our personal injury attorneys know how to avoid these underhanded tactics. Please know that you never pay up front. Usually, personal injury attorneys are paid when you receive compensation.

Anytime you are contacted by the insurance company:

  • The insurance adjuster may ask you to give a recorded statement.
  • The insurance adjuster may make a low settlement offer.
  • The insurance adjuster may ask you to sign a medical release form.
  • The insurance adjuster may tell you not to hire a lawyer.

It’s time to get a personal injury attorney on your side and ready to handle insurance adjusters.

Get a Personal Injury Attorney Warner Robins Can Trust

If you are able to survive a truck accident near Robins Air Force Base, odds are there will be a considerable number of injuries. From head trauma and brain damage to broken bones, all could be life-altering outcomes of a truck accident. With the medical issues you or a loved one could be facing, it will be a struggle to deal with the truck driver’s corporate insurance. This would be a difficult task for anyone who isn’t an experienced Warner Robins personal injury attorney. The Law Offices of Buzzell, Welsh & Hill are experienced and ready to help you anytime you’ve crashed with an 18-wheeler. Contact us today, for a free consultation call us at (478) 217-2072.

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