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Season Change Car Checklist


Even in Middle Georgia, spring can sometimes take its time arriving, with plenty of warm days interrupted by cold, rainy spells. But it’s safe to say spring is here, which means hot weather isn’t far off. And with road trips, camping and plenty of time spent outdoors, that means it’s also time to prep your vehicle for summer. We’ve pulled together this summer car maintenance checklist to help you get started.

Check those tires

Winter can be rough on tires, even without the salt and grime buildup you’d expect in icier climates. If it’s been a bit since you took a look at your wheels, give them a once-over, looking for signs of wear, including bulges, cracking or uneven tread wear. Check your pressure (the correct tire pressures should be included in your vehicle’s owner’s manual) and swing by the gas station’s air pump if you need to. Keeping your tires in good shape and properly inflated will help avoid blowouts or other potentially serious accidents.

Inspect your AC

No one wants to be stuck on a road trip (or just in Macon traffic in July) without an air conditioner that can cool down your vehicle quickly. Before the weather heats up too much, turn on your AC and adjust the fan and cooling levels. If it’s unusually noisy or produces a strange smell, you might need to stop by your auto shop for a professional inspection or cleaning. While you’re at it, you may want to replace your cabin air filter (or ask your mechanic to do it for you). The air your AC draws in will come through this filter, so keeping it clean goes a long way to improving your cabin air quality.

Change or check your wiper blades

Summer means long, hot days, but it also often brings intense afternoon thunderstorms. Your wiper blades shouldn’t look corroded or leave behind any streaks when they’re used with wiper fluid. While it’s best to change blades in the winter, if yours are worn out, don’t wait. Maintaining good visibility—no matter what the weather is like—will be key to staying safe on the roads this summer. If you’re not up for an oil change any time soon, also go ahead and top off your wiper fluid. Spring pollen season tends to drain your reserves faster than you’d expect.

Spring for a car wash

Whether it’s a fundraiser car wash put on by local kids or a professional detailing, what’s a better time than now to hose down your vehicle and polish it up for sunny days? If you’re headed out on a road trip, you’ll also want to clean up the cabin before you spend hours staring at your dusty dash. If you’d rather wash your car yourself, consider choosing a self-serve car wash with high-pressure hoses and easy on-off grips that help conserve water.

Now that your car is clean, safe and in great condition, you’re ready for that summer trip. Summer car maintenance doesn’t have to be hard, and, in fact, it usually just involves a few minutes of work or quick stops at your service station or mechanic.

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