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Tesla Sued for Wrongful Death in Connection with Model 3 Autopilot System


All eyes are on the latest lawsuit filed against Tesla; the first ever alleging wrongful death involving its Model 4 autopilot system, which was linked to a fatal car crash that resulted in the death of the driver. The lawsuit now alleges negligence in terms of the system’s design, as well as in connection with Tesla’s failure to issue a recall, in spite of knowing that the system had dangerous flaws. There is no information as of yet regarding which of the autopilot features were involved in this particular accident, such as autobraking, cruising, lane control features, and/or speed controls.

While there are a number of lawsuits currently pending against Tesla, because this is the first one involving a fatal accident, The case could very well set a very serious precedent for future cases brought against Tesla, especially those in connection with wrongful death.

Negligence & Product Defect Claims

In the lawsuit, the estate of the decedent claims that the car’s autopilot system caused it to veer off the highway and crash, even though the driver tried to regain control of the vehicle. They claim that the company designed, manufactured, and sold the autopilot even though it knew that the product was defective.

Tesla’s Response

Tesla has filed a counterclaim, alleging that the driver was under the influence and the crash was caused by driver error. However, according to reports, the toxicology results indicated that the driver was well within the legal limits for driving.

Tesla’s generic response when accidents occur involving its autopilot system is also to point out that it is a driver assistance-based program, not a self-driving program. As a result, it requires a fully attentive driver whose hands are always on the wheel.

Impact on Future Litigation

Amongst the other lawsuits filed against the tech giant includes one involving a crash like this, also involving the Model 3 autopilot system. Still, this is the first time Tesla will have to defend in a case involving a death, which could very well be even more impactful to the jury. There is no question that the jury finding in the plaintiff’s favor could very well serve as a catalyst for other lawsuits, as well as drive up settlement costs, should Tesla choose to avoid future court cases.

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