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Frontover Accidents Are Preventable


A recent investigation revealed just how large some blind zones can be on both trucks and SUVs – in some cases, up to 16 feet – which has led to thousands of accidents involving injuries and deaths, especially amongst children. These accidents are known as “Frontover Accidents “ and, according to the data, 46 percent of non-occupants killed between 2016 and 2020 died in them after being struck by vehicles moving forward, usually in driveways or parking lots.

While the technology to prevent these accidents exists, and can be installed in any car, there are also some basic precautionary steps drivers can take to avoid frontover accidents, as we describe below.

The Statistics

To put these statistics into perspective:

  • 60 children are run over by a slow, forward-moving vehicle in parking lots and driveways every week
  • These incidents are on the rise: Between 2008 and 2018, these numbers almost doubled
  • Frontovers are responsible for almost 400 deaths and 15,000 injuries each year
  • 75 percent of these accidents involve SUVs, trucks, or vans
  • 61 percent of these accidents involve a parent or someone who knows the victim
  • Approximately 93 percent of these victims are six years old or younger

Georgia is in the second highest group of states with the highest child vehicle frontover fatalities, with an average of 39 fatalities per year between 1999 and 2020.

The Technology to Prevent Them

The technology to prevent these accidents does exist: It’s referred to as “birds-eye” or 360 degree view camera technology, along with automatic emergency braking technology. These sensors can be installed on any vehicle, not just newer models. Automatic emergency braking systems:

  • Automatically apply the brakes if the driver’s response is insufficient to avoid an accident
  • Automatically supplement the driver’s braking if the brakes aren’t pushed hard enough to avoid the accident
  • Implement crash imminent braking if the driver takes no action to brake

While pedestrian automatic emergency braking – also known as frontal pedestrian impact mitigation braking – provides automatic braking for vehicles when pedestrians are right in front and the driver has not acted.

As a result of these safety innovations, legislation has been introduced which would require the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue new federal motor vehicle safety standards requiring vehicles to be equipped with technology that enables the driver to detect objects in front of vehicles, such as children.

Reasonable Measures Everyone Should Take, Without Technology

Until this legislation is implemented into law, there are ways that drivers can heighten their awareness in order to avoid tragedy. Drivers should circle their vehicles to look for children and pets prior to moving and property owners should trim landscaping so that people can see properly as they enter and exit driveways and parking lots.

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