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Dangerous Underride Accidents


An underride crash is when a compact car collides with a commercial truck and, as a result, slides partly under the side or rear of the truck in the gaps between the wheels. These accidents can be absolutely deadly, resulting in traumatic brain injuries, serious head and neck injuries, fractures, herniated discs, PTSD, fatalities, and more. Although highly underreported, in 2021 alone, more than 400 people died in these crashes. It is rare to ever see a minor injury result from underride accidents.

Why They Are So Dangerous

These crashes are extremely dangerous in part because of the vehicles’ height differences, whereby the point of impact on the smaller vehicle is typically the windshield or hood of the car, which may not activate the airbags. Those injured are typically the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicles because the truck drivers are seated higher up and thus a distance from the areas of impact.

Everyone is at Risk

For many who are impacted by them, there is a pervasive feeling that they were unavoidable; that seat belts were on, traffic laws were obeyed, and nothing else could have been done. While the Department of Transportation requires truck trailers to have underride guards in order to prevent these types of crashes, safety advocates have, for years, called for stronger guard requirements and mandate that they be included on the sides of trucks, which can help prevent side underride crashes, specifically.

Unfortunately, these types of accidents are also frequently underreported  due to a lack of consistency in reporting codes, training amongst police departments, instructions, and information. As a result, the extent of the problem associated with underride crashes is still unknown.

If You’ve Been Affected by an Underride Crash, Contact Our Macon, Georgia Car Accident Attorneys

Many do not realize what an underride crash is, or how deadly it can be, until their loved ones are involved in one. A number of victims in these crashes have to go on disability afterwards, and have their entire lives upended. As a result, they decide to file a lawsuit against the truck driver and the company associated with them.

Our Macon car accident attorneys are committed to obtaining justice for victims of underride crashes. Contact the lawyers at the Law Offices of Buzzell, Welsh & Hill today to schedule a free confidential consultation and find out more about our services.



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