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More Than 40,000 Americans Are Killed In Car Accidents Every Year


Traffic fatalities tend to increase over the summer, with July 4th being one of the deadliest days for accidents on the road. The U.S. has the most traffic deaths per capita of any country; and while road deaths worldwide decreased during 2020 due to COVID-19, traffic deaths spiked to a 16-year high in the U.S. in 2021. The issue has turned into a crisis, with almost 43,000 people dying on the roads in 2022 alone.

Sadly, there is also a racial disparity reflected in these statistics: Black people are more likely to be the victims of traffic fatalities. In addition, pedestrians tend to also experience a much higher rate of traffic fatality.

Many Drivers on the Road

Part of the issue is that Americans drive more, which inevitably leads to more accidents

Yet the U.S. also does not prioritize road safety the way that other countries do by instituting lower speed limits, as well as ensuring that there are enough protected bike lanes and commuter and train networks available. When the U.S. invests in transportation, it is in infrastructure – spending money on repairing roads and making electric vehicles more accessible, which then of course inevitably leads to more cars on the road.

More Dangerous Cars

U.S. vehicles on the road are also getting bigger and heavier, which ultimately makes them more dangerous when they are involved in accidents; especially when they hit pedestrians. There is a higher risk for both severe injuries and death for all road users due to the increased size of these vehicles, and this includes electric vehicles.


Drivers also have access to more sources of distraction than ever before: Not just smartphones, but built-in digital consoles, and even video game consoles for drivers, in some cases.

Law Enforcement

Changes in policing may also have a part to play in the issue, as some have remarked that, due to police violence and racial profiling in some cases, police may be less likely to hold motorists responsible for certain infractions, which could then lead to more dangerous drivers on the road due to a lack of law enforcement.

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