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Protect Yourself From Road Rage


According to American Safety Council, statistics show that 66% of traffic-related fatalities are due to aggressive driving and 37% of these incidents involve a firearm.1 It’s not hard to find irritable drivers during rush hour traffic, especially in Atlanta. Atlanta is known as one of the top five least courteous cities for driving, which is why it is so crucial for you to understand how to prevent road rage.

Tips to help you avoid road rage

  • Put your pride aside: If you are driving, it’s important to keep a level head. Don’t put yourself into a dangerous situation simply because you have been offended.

  • Avoid eye contact and ignore rude gestures: Don’t draw attention to yourself or acknowledge someone else’s road rage; if you do not give someone reason to continue, they will likely give up and move on.

  • Wear your seat belt: In the chance that you do get into a situation with another driver that is difficult to avoid, make sure you are wearing your seatbelt. It could save your life in the event of an unexpected incident.

  • Listen to music: If you are prone to irritability while driving, play soothing music to calm and distract yourself.

  • Don’t drive angry or overtired: When angry or exhausted, people tend to be irrational. Driving takes a level head, so don’t drive when you are likely to be heavily influenced by a bad mood.

  • Be polite: According to a Response Insurance National Driving Habits Survey, 57% of drivers don’t regularly use their signals.2 Using more courteous driving habits can help reduce opportunities for road rage by providing more insight to fellow drivers.

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