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On Ice: Driving in the Wintertime


Driving can be dangerous; adding ice makes it nearly impossible. Lately, Georgia has had some strange weather this time of year and we want to be prepared for all possible conditions on the road. We’ve put together a list of tips for you about safe driving during the wintertime weather to keep you ahead of the curve and out of a hydroplane.

When Ice Isn’t So Nice

Whether it’s black ice or sleet, ice is not a welcome thing while on the road. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

  • Prepare in advance: Have you ever made an emergency kit for a storm? It’s important to have one for your car in case you get stranded. Warm blankets, food, water, flashlights, ice scrapers, shovels and extra gas will go a long way.

  • Rest: When you aren’t rested, you’re more likely to find yourself in an accident due to poor reaction times. Make sure you get lots of sleep before driving!

  • Check the weather: Don’t go out without knowing the weather conditions. The night before and day off, check on weather updates.

  • Stay in the sun: Whether it’s simply a shady patch or it’s nighttime, black ice can tend to form in places where warmth and light don’t reach. Avoid these areas when temperatures are below freezing and there has been precipitation.

  • Keep your course straight: If you run into black ice, don’t panic. Simply keep your hands on the steering wheel and keep your vehicle straight. Remove your feet from the accelerator and the breaks; breaks are only to be used in the case of excessive skidding and only to be lightly pumped.

We’re Here For You!

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