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New Program Hopes To Reduce High Rate Of Auto Accidents Amongst Drivers With ADHD


Many do not realize that young drivers are not only involved in the highest rate of auto accidents on our roads, but teen drivers with ADHD, specifically, have a much higher rate of accidents: While teens are four times as likely to be involved in crashes, teens with ADHD are twice as likely as other teens to be in accidents. Sadly, a large number of these accidents are what’s considered to be “serious” – i.e. resulting in emergency room visits or deaths.

One new program hopes to change that: Because these young drivers are in part more dangerous drivers because they are more likely to take their eyes off the road for prolonged periods of time, the program seeks to correct that by sounding an alarm when they look away from the road for two seconds or more. According to the statistics, it has already resulted in a 40 percent reduction in crashes and near crashes.

The Scope of the Problem

There are approximately 1.3 million people killed each year in traffic accidents, and 50 million injured or disabled, with distractibility and inattention now the leading cause for transport accidents. The World Health Organization estimates that, by 2030, traffic injuries will become the fifth leading cause of death.

While studies have long shown that ADHD is associated with a higher rate of accidents, until somewhat recently, the magnitude of the problem has remained a mystery, as has the question of whether medicine used to treat the condition could reduce the risk: While studies done on the topic indicated that medicine appeared to help improve the issue for male drivers, there was no statistically significant correlation in female drivers with ADHD.

While there are an estimated 3 million American teenagers with ADHD (although it remains underdiagnosed), the problem also doesn’t just involve teens: Statistically, all individuals with ADHD have an almost 50 percent increased rate of serious auto accidents (compared to those who do not have the condition). This is due to certain behaviors associated with the condition, such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattention, poor control of aggression, excessive risk taking, and substance use.

Georgia Distracted Driving Laws

In Georgia, drivers cannot have a phone in their hand or anywhere on their person while they are driving, or stopped at a signal or traffic light. However, the penalties are arguably too minimal to incentivize avoiding these activities.

As a result, the new training program – which could ultimately be installed in cars – offers some hope for these young drivers, as well as others on the road.

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