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Monthly Archives: December 2023


Panera Bread Sued After Lemonade Leads to Wrongful Death

By Buzzell, Welsh & Hill |

Popular restaurant chain Panera Bread is under scrutiny in October after one customer died from consuming the company’s “charged lemonade,” which, unbeknownst to consumers, contains a significant amount of caffeine and energy supplements. While the chain is now issuing a new warning about the lemonade product, sadly, this comes too late for the victim… Read More »

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New Study Indicates That Traumatic Brain Injuries Inflicted in Domestic Violence Do Far More Damage Than Originally Understood

By Buzzell, Welsh & Hill |

Partner violence affects a reported one in three women at some point in their lives; still, remarkably little is known, to date, about the neuropathology of partner violence. Yet a new, comprehensive brain autopsy study has revealed that significant traumatic brain injuries – specifically, significant vascular and white matter damage – have been found… Read More »

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