Josh Carroll and Chad Ethridge Worker’s Comp Success

Our client was an eight-year employee at a South Georgia manufacturing company. He received a neck and shoulder injury on the job which made it difficult for him to work at the plant. He was then laid off by the company a few months later. Needing some major medical attention, he contacted Buzzell, Welsh & Hill for help filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Macon workers’ compensation attorneys Josh Carroll and Chad Ethridge took the case. Our client’s doctor said that neck surgery would be required to get him back to work. The two attorneys took the case to a hearing in Valdosta, GA. The company was required to pay our client his past-due paychecks, and the insurance carrier was required to pay for the neck surgery and past-due medical bills. The total settlement was $170,000.

Congratulations attorneys Josh Carroll and Chad Ethridge for helping a client recover wages and receive the medical treatment he needed to get back to work.

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