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Macon Playground Accident Attorney

Children are uniquely vulnerable to injury. Many children cannot appreciate the risks of certain activities, so they end up getting hurt. They also can suffer serious injuries which cause developmental problems which only become apparent later. If your child was hurt, contact Buzzell, Welsh & Hill today. Our Macon playground accident attorney will discuss your case and possible compensation.

Buzzell, Welsh & Hill can handle playground injury claims

Lawsuits involving child injuries are distinct and complex. As children are unable to sign contracts, they cannot consent to a settlement independently. The Georgia legal system maintains oversight of the settlement process to safeguard a child’s rights, requiring judicial approval for most settlements. If a case proceeds to trial, additional protective measures are in place for the child. It often surprises parents that Georgia does not presume they always act in their child’s best interest.

Simultaneously, any awarded compensation belongs to the child, not the parents. Parents who cover medical expenses may be reimbursed for those costs. However, damages related to pain and suffering, or similar losses generally belong to the child. A skilled attorney can help families comprehend the distribution of settlements when a child is the injured party.

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To pursue a playground accident claim in Georgia, it is essential to gather evidence to support the case. This may include photographs of the accident scene, witness statements, and medical records detailing the child’s injuries. It is also crucial to consult with an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney who can help navigate the legal process and maximize the chances of obtaining fair compensation.

Parental errors made shortly after an accident may cause delays or even impede the process of receiving compensation from the individual responsible for injuring the child. Reach out to Buzzell, Welsh & Hill to consult with our experienced Macon playground accident attorney. We can help determine the appropriate course of action and support you during settlement discussions.

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