Top 8 Personal Injury Insurance Adjuster Tactics: Part 2

Top 8 Personal Injury Insurance Adjuster Tactics: Part 2

Recently, we talked about the first four tactics you might encounter when dealing with an insurance adjuster. Here in Part 2, we bring you the next four common insurance adjuster tactics you should be aware of.
Knowing these tricks is useful when you have injuries from a car accident, truck accident, work injury or other personal injury case. This includes accidents near Macon, Warner Robins, Dublin and other areas of Bibb County and middle Georgia. You need to be prepared to defend your case.



Tactic #5

The insurance adjuster may act as if they’re your friend with your best interest at heart. Some people – even insurance adjusters – truly are friendly and trying to be helpful. Nevertheless, beware. Insurance adjusters work for big insurance companies, which are for-profit. Adjusters’ pay and bonuses are often based on the company’s financial success. Giving out fair settlements isn’t part of their bonus structure. Don’t let friendliness, real or not, get in the way of the compensation you deserve.

Tactic #6

The insurance adjuster may try to dictate your physician’s referral.Sometimes your doctor will refer you to another medical professional, such as a specialist, for a consultation. The insurance company may try to reject your doctor’s referral or force you to see their approved referral. An insurance company should never decide what doctor is best suited to treat you. This intrusion isn’t in your best interest and often delays your treatment and recovery.

Tactic #7

The insurance adjuster may put you under surveillance. Their goal is to prove to a jury that if you are healthy enough to do basic household chores, then you must not be injured. We all know that logic is ridiculous. If we don’t have someone to help us, we often do what must be done – even if it’s painful. Look for suspicious people around your home or office. Regardless of any surveillance, follow your doctor’s orders, request help from friends or family and never fake being more injured than you really are.

Tactic #8

The insurance adjuster may try to delay your claim. Serious personal injury cases can result in your being unable to work for short or even long periods of time. If you’re under financial stress, you may be tempted to settle for an insurance company’s low offer. Don’t do it. Settling for an unfair offer won’t help you get back to work faster. Focus on getting the medical treatment you need to fully recover.

In the end, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in Macon, Warner Robins, Dublin, or the surrounding area is your best defense against these and other insurance adjuster tactics. They can help you avoid these tricks and fight for fair compensation.

The Macon personal injury attorneys at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill are ready to defend you and your case against insurance adjuster tactics like these. You pay nothing up front, meaning we don’t get paid until you do. We’ll fight for you so that you can pay your medical bills and move on with your life after your injury. Give us a call today.

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