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Lessons Learned From The Winter Storm That Paralyzed Georgia


On Tuesday, January 28th, a “surprise” winter storm wreaked havoc on Atlanta and the entire State of Georgia, making national headline news. What paralyzed much of the state was not the 2-3 inches of snow, but this recipe for disaster:

  • Icy conditions
  • Untreated roads
  • Volume of drivers
  • Time of day

Georgia Interstates Become Parking Lots

Snow quickly turned to ice, transforming roadways into frigid parking lots. Thousands of accidents caused major gridlock for hours, with idle tractor trailers and abandoned cars making things worse. Many drivers walked for miles in the freezing weather, while others sat stranded in their vehicles. During the “snowpocalypse,” individuals and businesses became heroes, helping stranded motorists and opening their doors after-hours.

Be Prepared For The Next Georgia Storm

A valuable lesson learned is to be wise and plan ahead. Here are several tips to consider when preparing for the next storm:

  • Carry water, snacks, and warm blankets
  • Have a full tank of gas
  • Don’t panic, don’t tailgate
  • If you’re in an accident, take pictures and get insurance information if the police can’t respond
  • If you drive in rural areas, carry tire chains. They’re inexpensive and will decrease chances of accidents

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