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What is a soft tissue injury?

Have you ever had a sore back or sprained ankle? These are soft tissue injuries, some of the most common injuries from car accidents, slips and falls, or even workplace incidents. Soft tissue injuries include sprains, strains, bruises, and abrasions that affect skin, muscles, and nerves. While sometimes dismissed as imaginary, these injuries can be extremely painful and may take a long time to heal.

Types of soft tissue injuries

Some common injuries fall under the classification of soft tissue, including:

  • Back injuries – strains and spinal issues
  • Whiplash – sprained muscles in the neck
  • Nerve damage – shooting pains or numbness
  • Tears – to muscles, tendons, or ligaments

The problem with soft tissue injuries is that they can be worse than they initially appear, causing long-term pain and other problems that may require surgery – if they can be repaired at all.

Let the attorneys at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill determine if you have a soft tissue claim

If you have been injured in an accident, don’t let anyone dismiss your pain or injury as unimportant. Treating a soft tissue injury can be expensive. The attorneys at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill will help ensure that you receive the right compensation to cover medical treatment, loss of wages, and other damages. Contact us today, meet with an attorney, and receive a free case evaluation.

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