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Understanding Product Recalls and Defects


As a consumer, you should be able to trust the products you and your family use on a regular basis. Whether you are traveling in your vehicle or your child is playing with a toy, you deserve to feel safe. If you or a loved one has suffered any degree of injury while properly using the product and it happened to be recalled, you may be entitled to compensation. Below, we discuss recall items and trustworthy resources to turn to.

How Product Recalls Work

A manufacturer can announce its own product recall if there is a known safety concern. When manufacturers recall, they contact a government agency. Together, the agency and manufacturer issue a press release that discusses the product’s defect and announces a recall.

A recall can be expensive for businesses, and sales can suffer thanks to negative publicity. However, this prevents many people from getting hurt and limits the company’s liability. On the other hand, manufacturers may decide not to recall a product because that would be more expensive than paying the claims that stem from a defective product.

Product Recalls: Past and Present

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC), home products, children’s products, and toys were among the top three categories of products recalled in 2013. Fire and fire-related burns, choking, and laceration were the top three hazards of recalled products.

Product recalls are in the news all the time and the number of products with defects continue to rise. Products that are currently recalled include:

  • BeBeLove Baby Walkers – May cause falls and entrapment
  • Vera Bradley bear ring rattles and bunny toys – May cause choking
  • GM motor vehicles (several models) – The ignition switch can switch to off while the car is running, disabling power steering and air bags, affecting an estimated 1.6 million vehicles worldwide

Credible Resources for Product Recalls

This is a serious matter and personal injury cases are likely to rise in 2014 as there have been dozens of recalled items to date. Stay up to date with the latest recalls on consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics, and environmental products by visiting consumer recall websites like:

  1. Consumer Product Safety Commission (
  2. Consumer Reports (
  3. (

Taking the time to visit these sites, researching products, and reading reviews will ensure safety for you and your family and prevent an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room.

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