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Treat a Georgia Dog Bite Attack Like a Car Accident


Treat a Georgia Dog Bite Attack Like a Car Accident:

What do we mean “like a car accident”? In most states, when you get bitten by a dog the law is on your side. It seems obvious that dog owners should get punished for their dog’s bad behavior. But Georgia doesn’t think so. In Georgia, dog bite victim laws hardly protect you at all. Georgia seems to like dog owners so much that it’s almost impossible to punish the owner and get money for your injuries.

So how do you punish a dog owner in Georgia and get the money you deserve for your injuries? If you find yourself bitten by a dog, do what you would do in a car accident and follow these steps.

  1. Get medical attention as soon as possible. Take care of yourself first and get medical attention. Call 911, go to urgent care, or see your doctor. Not only will you treat and prevent rabies, infection, or severe bleeding, but you will also receive paperwork that helps you prove that you experienced severe injuries.

  2. Exchange information with the owner of the dog. Similar to a car accident, get details from the owner of the dog such as name, address, and phone number.

  3. Collect statements from witnesses. It’s easy for a dog owner to say the dog did not attack you, so it helps if you collect statements from witnesses. Try talking to at least two or three people who may have witnessed the dog bite attack.

  4. Collect all of your evidence. In Georgia, you need at least two clear reasons (or “grounds”) against the owner of the dog to build a case. For example, a strong case might include:

    • Showing that the city or county has a law about leashing and/or heeling dogs.

    • Showing that the dog owner clearly did not obey this law. For example, the dog chased after you and attacked as you walked past the owner’s yard on a public sidewalk or road.

    • Proving that the dog has attacked someone before and that the owner did not take any additional steps to prevent other attacks.

By building a strong case just like after a car accident, you will more likely receive money for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. The dog owner may even have to pay you more if they were really uncaring about preventing an attack against other people.

An attorney specializing in dog bite personal injury cases can help you build your case. If you have additional questions, call us today for a free consultation.

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