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Tips for A Safe Holiday Season


The holidays are a busy time filled with fun, laughter and family. It’s also a time where many an injury or issue can arise. Everything from candles and Christmas lights to eggnog and getting a Christmas tree can pose some type of danger. That’s why it’s important to be aware of how you can best keep yourself and your family safe this holiday season.

Safety First, Fun to Follow

Fires and injuries are both very common during the holidays. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) show 30% of all home fires and 38% of home fire deaths occur during the months of December, January, and February1. This is why it is so crucial to follow safety tips like the ones listed here:

  • Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree: It’s fun to spend time with friends and family and sometimes, that includes alcoholic beverages. Parties with alcohol can lead to drinking and driving, which is a big cause for an increase in emergency room volume during the holidays. Be safe and make arrangements to ensure you and your loved ones don’t drink and drive.
  • But, Santa Does it So Well! Rooftop decorating can put you in a lot of danger. From November to December 2010 the emergency rooms saw over 13,000 people related to holiday decorating2. Everything from ice and snow to an old roof can become hazardous. Ensure the ladder and roof is sturdy and try to have someone assist you when you’re putting up those lights you’re so famous for.
  • Gifts that Keep Giving… Badly: Sometimes relatives and even Santa may not consider the hazards that come along with the toys or gifts they give. Is that toy with tiny parts safe for babies? Does that bike come with a helmet or training wheels? And, could you poke your eye out with it?
  • Hang a Star Upon the Highest Bough- Safely: Christmas trees are fun, but you need to make sure you are prepared for one. When looking for a tree, make sure it’s needles are green and not falling off; dry trees mean potential fires! From 2004-2008, trees were the cause of around 260 house fires each year2. When loading the tree, make sure it is secured to your vehicle. And when decorating it, make sure the ladder you use is stable and that you have someone to watch in case you start to fall.

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