The Haunting Truth about Social Media and PI Cases

The Haunting Truth about Social Media and PI Cases

With picturesque pumpkin patches, spooky decorations and costume reveals, autumn lends itself to social media. There’s plenty to fill the grid (or feed) with this time of year, and for many folks, photographing, documenting and sharing is a daily part of life—no matter the season. 

But when you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s time to pause before you post. Sharing too much on social media can seriously cost you when it comes to maximizing your personal injury case. 

Don’t post about the accident

What’s the first rule of thumb to avoid a super scary personal injury case outcome? Don’t post about your accident. It’s understandable that after the upsetting experience of a crash, you may feel you need to share. It’s completely natural to want to tell your story and begin working through the trauma you may have experienced. But social media is not the best place to start. 

Even innocent details can be used by the at-fault driver’s insurance company to challenge your story. If you said you felt “OK,” or that you “weren’t badly hurt,” they’ll argue that your injuries were never that severe. Don’t write about the other driver or make disparaging comments. If you admit some level of fault, the insurance company may try to claim that you caused the whole accident. In the most extreme situations, your case could even be dismissed. 

So instead of sharing details or posting photos of the crash, your car or your injuries, document what you can and keep the information private. It can be helpful to write out your version of what happened in a diary or a document to share with your attorney while the memories are fresh in your mind. Talk to a friend or family member (asking them to respect your privacy, too), or consider looking for help from a professional if you’re having trouble processing what happened. 

Be careful what you share as you recover

After the crash and while your personal injury case is ongoing, you’ll still need to watch what you share online. If your Instagram is filled with mountain biking photos weeks after your back injury, it won’t look good. If you squeeze in an out-of-town trip between physical therapy appointments, it will be hard to explain how much discomfort you were in on the drive. 

Keep the case details to yourself

Once your case is underway, it’s also important to avoid discussing any details about settlement offers, strategy or updates. Your personal injury attorney is working hard to get you the financial compensation you need, so it’s critical not to jeopardize that by sharing details before they’re public. In some cases, settlements will even come with non-disclosure agreements. If you have questions about your case, take them to your personal injury lawyer. 

After a crash, you don’t need to deactivate your accounts or stay off social media entirely. Just give some extra thought to every post while your case is active. 

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