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The Furious Repercussions of Driving Too Fast


‘Fast and Furious’ star Paul Walker’s sudden death involving a fatal wreck alerted our team to reinforce the importance of driving defensively and understanding the consequences of reckless distracted driving.

According to the NY Daily News, the Porsche Carrera GT carrying Paul Walker and Walker’s business partner, Roger Rodas, wrecked due to excessive speed. Rodas is alleged to have been driving the vehicle before losing control of it and crashing into a light pole. Rodas’ estate could possibly face a civil action for the wrongful death of Paul Walker, depending on how the facts are sorted out.

In addition to speed, smart phone use behind the wheel causes a number of crashes. The Los Angeles Times reported, at any given moment, 660,000 drivers are looking at their phones instead of the road. Drivers can also be easily distracted by other objects and passengers in their vehicle.

Interestingly, there is no concrete evidence yet to show that laws prohibiting distracted driving are reducing distracted driving collisions. In Georgia, the state has banned all cell phone use (both handheld and hands-free) for bus drivers and novice drivers (under the age of 18). The state has also banned texting for all drivers. Is this enough? How are these laws actually being enforced?

On your next trip to the grocery store or drive home from work, pay attention and you will be surprised to see how many drivers are checking their smartphones instead of having both hands on the wheel.

Keep in mind the following statistics:

  • Drivers texting are 23 times more likely to crash;
  • Drivers reaching for objects such as a toy that your child dropped onto the car floor are 9 times more likely to crash;
  • Drivers shaving or applying makeup are 3 times more likely to crash;
  • Drivers using a hand-held device like a GPS are 3 times more likely to crash;
  • Drowsy and tired drivers are 4 times more likely to crash.

Currently, a texting while driving violation will cost you a $150 fine and one point on your GA driver’s license. The state may increase these fines moving forward.

With a lack of enforcement of criminal penalties for distracted driving, perhaps the strongest prohibition for distracted driving remains the possibility of facing civil penalties for causing injury to other motorists on the roadway.

If You Are Injured in a Car Wreck Involving a Distracted Driver

If you are an innocent victim of a car accident involving distracted driving, the Macon personal injury attorneys of Buzzell, Welsh & Hill can help you. Our team of attorneys will discuss your case, review your options and assist you with your claim. We will aggressively pursue your case and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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(Stats source: Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety;

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