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The 411 on a Georgia Hit and Run


There are Consequences for Georgia Hit and Run Drivers

Why would someone involved in a car wreck suddenly drive away from the scene? Unfortunately, this happens all too often in the Macon area and throughout the State of Georgia. Hit and run accidents involve a collision where one of the vehicles involved quickly leaves the scene of the wreck. Usually, drivers who flee the scene of a car crash have something to hide, like evidence of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, other illicit activity, a poor criminal history or driving history.

In Georgia, the law says those involved in an auto accident are required to stop. A person charged with leaving the scene of a wreck may face serious penalties such as heavy fines, a suspended driver’s license, and even possible prison time.

If you are faced with a hit and run situation, here are several tips for what you should do:

What Should I Do if I’m The Victim of a Hit and Run Georgia Driver?

In the event of a hit and run in Georgia, remain calm, and do the following:

  • Park or stop the vehicle in a safe place;
  • Then to the best of your ability record any information you can of the car that struck you. Obtaining the license plate number would be ideal, but partial license plate information coupled with an accurate description of the vehicle can provide the authorities with a good place to begin their search;
  • Call 911 immediately and request that law enforcement officials meet you at the scene of the wreck. Note the date, time, and conditions of the accident;
  • If you are injured, seek medical attention immediately when contacting 911. Remain in your vehicle until help arrives;
  • If you’re not injured and are able to get out of the vehicle, look around for any witnesses. Witnesses are crucial in hit and run cases, especially if the hit and run driver ultimately gets away and you are forced to make a claim on your own uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance policy.
  • Follow our step by step guide on what to do after a car wreck

Important decisions must be made in the immediate aftermath of a hit and run collision. An experienced personal injury attorney will help you investigate your case, weigh your legal options, and hopefully recover money from the driver responsible for the hit and run.

Side note: Keep in mind that in Georgia, drivers are only required to carry liability insurance. However, if you have uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage, you may have additional insurance to compensate you for injuries or other damages incurred in an accident. If you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage, ask your insurance agent to add this coverage onto your automobile policy today.

For more information on Georgia hit and run laws (OCGA § 40-6-270), click here.

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