Putting a Price on Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Putting a Price on Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

A family’s life changes a lot when someone suffers from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). People who survive a TBI may have:

  • Memory loss
  • Balance, coordination and speech problems
  • Trouble seeing or hearing
  • Severe anxiety or depression
  • Confusion or a tough time concentrating
  • Unconsciousness or coma

We’ve seen far too many traumatic brain injuries caused by car wrecks and truck accidents on Macon’s I-16 and I-75. In addition, we’ve seen TBIs from Bibb County hunting accidents, ATV wrecks and work-related accidents in Dublin and Warner Robins. They can even happen because of recreational sports, faulty products, falls and more.

Getting immediate TBI treatment from a doctor or hospital is the most important thing you can do after a traumatic brain accident near Macon, GA. Once the patient is stable, you can determine what long-term care and treatment will be necessary.

To recover well, TBI survivors often need lengthy treatment and rehabilitation. TBI treatment might include physical injuries, multiple types of therapy, cognitive rehab and more.

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries aren’t cheap. It’s easy to rack up big medical bills in the first year and over the course of long-term care. When someone else’s negligence makes you a victim of a TBI, figuring out who pays and to what extent can be tricky.

There are many avenues where TBI compensation and financial relief may come from. These include:

  • Disability Insurance
  • Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency
  • Health Insurance
  • Medicaid
  • Medical Assistance
  • Medicare
  • Auto Insurance – yours and the at-fault driver’s
  • Social Security
  • Workers’ Compensation Benefits
  • And more, including charitable funds, government assistance programs, companies (if product liability is involved), etc.

Each of these avenues for compensation has limits. Unfortunately, they also have many conditions and requirements. For example, health insurance plans often limit the amount or number of sessions they will cover for rehab. They may also require the patient to complete rehab within a certain timeframe. Worst of all, they may refuse to pay for ongoing treatment if they don’t see progress. Be sure to have the doctor or medical professional document any and all signs of progress, no matter how small.

Because of this complexity, a Georgia traumatic brain injury lawyer can be of great service to you and your family. Experienced Bibb County traumatic brain injury attorneys are well-equipped to handle these details while you focus on getting the right care for your loved one.

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If your family has suffered from a traumatic brain injury because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation for medical treatment, rehabilitation care, lost wages, long-term pain and suffering and, in the worst cases, funerals. Contact a traumatic brain injury lawyer at Macon based personal injury law firm Buzzell, Welsh & Hill today for a free consultation. We’ll handle all the legal aspects of your case, and there are no fees until we collect for you.

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