Proper Car Seat Safety Can Prevent Serious Injuries

Proper Car Seat Safety Can Prevent Serious Injuries

As a firm that specializes in personal injury, we speak at length with people about their driving habits. They say they drive more carefully with others in the car. That’s even more true for parents who are driving young children. They’re mostly worried about other drives on the road, but safety starts before even turning the car on. 

Improperly installed car seats are a leading cause of child injuries in vehicle accidents, and car seat straps play the most important role. A strap that’s misplaced by even a few inches can mean the difference between minor bruising and serious internal injuries. Here are three tips to make sure that your child is as safe as can be, so a fender bender doesn’t turn into a dangerous medical issue. 

Three common mistakes we see are: 

  • Parents not tightening the harness straps enough. Sometimes parents tell us they feel like the straps are too tight and uncomfortable, but a common saying is that they should be as “snug as a hug”. 
  • The chest clip being clipped at the stomach or neck area. The correct position is straight across the chest. If the strap is across their stomach and there’s an accident, it can damage their internal organs. Too high and their neck takes the hit. It’s imperative to pay close attention to this each time. 
  • The harness straps being positioned improperly. In rear-facing child seats, the straps should enter the chair at or below the shoulders. In forward-facing seats, the straps should enter at or above the shoulders. They also need to be adjusted as your child grows, so remember to do this regularly. 

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