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Personal Injury Case Mistakes: What’s the Worst Thing You Can Do?


While there are many different types of mistakes made in a personal injury case, the number one mistake anyone can make in any personal injury case is to lie or omit the truth.

In every stage of a personal injury case, it’s the client’s responsibility to ensure they provide the correct facts and tell their attorney everything about the incident. Be truthful about your injuries and your case, because a single lie can ruin your case.

Why You Shouldn’t Lie About An Accident

When making a personal injury claim you must always remember that, in the end, your case is only worth what a jury would award you at trial for your injuries. The value of a possible jury award is what the insurance company uses to determine how much it will offer you for settlement. If you tell “white lies” about your injuries, or otherwise exaggerate the extent of your pain and suffering, the truth will always catch up to you. Past medical records are easily obtainable by the other side. What appear to be small inconsistencies can add up and make your story less believable at trial. When pursuing a personal injury claim, you must always take the approach that your case may ultimately be tried in front of a jury.

This is why it is so important to be completely honest with your lawyer about the facts, the extent of your injuries, and what injuries or medical conditions you’ve had in the past. Don’t exaggerate your injuries or pretend to be hurt worse than you really are. It’s easy to get confused and say the wrong thing when an insurance adjuster fires questions at you. That is why we recommend never allowing the insurance company to take your recorded statement without first consulting an attorney. If the insurance company doubts the validity of your claim, they may hire investigators to follow and record you. With any injury case always remember that honesty is the best policy.

There’s no need to lie or stretch the truth to make fair recoveries in personal injury claims.

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