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Off The Deep End: Pool Safety


In the dog days of summer, there’s nothing like jumping into a pool to cool off. While taking a dip is a great way to beat the Georgia heat, swimming pools can pose a danger to everyone, especially children. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), every day an estimated ten (10) people die from drowning. Of these ten (10) people, two (2) are children fourteen (14) years old or younger. Drowning actually ranks fifth among the leading causes of accidental injury death in the United States. Even in the presence of lifeguards, it is important to keep a safe watch over children playing in or around the pool.

Common Causes of Pool-Related Injuries

In addition to drowning, significant injuries such as falls, slips, and traumatic brain injury can occur at a pool due to:

  • Inattentive lifeguards or inadequate training
  • Hazardous debris in walkways around pool
  • Lack of proper life-saving equipment
  • No clearly defined water depths in and around pool
  • No clearly defined safety plans and signs
  • Horseplay
  • Damaged or missing rails/steps used to safely exit the pool
  • Security: lack of a fence around the pool or protective covering over the pool during the months it is not in use

In the event you, a child, or someone you know was seriously injured or killed in a pool-related accident, certain circumstances may give rise to an award of damages against the pool owner/operator. Keep a close watch over children at the pool. And, as always, in the event of an injury, seek medical attention immediately.

Georgia Pool Resources

For residential pool owners, the State of Georgia has a swimming pool fence law to protect children from drowning. For pool owners, it’s very important to check with their local government as some municipalities have stricter laws than others. If you’re a pool owner, be sure to adhere to your jurisdiction’s rules and regulations. Failure to follow may make you liable in the event of an injury or fatality.

For a list of rules and regulations governing Georgia swimming pools, please the Georgia Department of Public Health’s site at:

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