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Myths About Personal Injury Law


Myth #1 – Personal Injury Cases are a Long and Exhausting Process

The majority of personal injury claims are settled before they reach a courtroom. While it can take years to settle a case beyond the courthouse walls, it typically takes weeks or days.

Myth # 2 – I Don’t Need A Lawyer Because My Injuries Were Not Serious

When people hear personal injury lawsuit, their mind immediately jumps to the worst possible injury imaginable. Please do not underestimate your injuries or think that you are unworthy of a settlement. Always remember that your minor injuries could lead to a major injury down the line, so it’s worth it to pursue a lawsuit.

Myth #3- I Have Insurance. I Don’t Need A Lawyer

Insurance companies are not here to help you. They exist to make a profit. In most circumstances, the first offer you receive is for less than the full amount of your coverage. This means that the offer is usually not enough to cover all of the costs related to recovery and your medical bills.

Insurance companies have an entire team of people dedicated to saving them money. It’s best to not fight them alone. When you hire a lawyer, you bring your own team of qualified experts to the fight.

Myth #4 – The Person Who Is At Fault Will Have to Pay Everything Out of Pocket

It’s actually the opposite. If a person causes an accident, it’s highly unlikely they will pay a penny. In most instances, the person’s insurance company will pay for your compensation. This happens because most individuals do not have the assets to make suing them worthwhile, and if they do, the assets can be very difficult to access.

Myth #5 – Personal Injury Lawyers AKA Ambulance Chasers

While these types of personal injury lawyers do exist, the good ones are not ambulance chasers. Reputable lawyers rely on their reputation and past successes to earn them new clients, rather than speeding to the scene of an accident hoping to pick up a few new cases.

A trustworthy personal injury lawyer cares deeply for his or her clients, is passionate about obtaining a fair settlement and ultimately getting their clients’ lives back to normal. This motivates them more than a large payout.

Getting Buzzell, Welsh & Hill On Your Team

At Buzzell, Welsh & Hill, we fall into the category of lawyers who care deeply for their clients. We push ourselves to be our best for each client and are committed to getting you the compensation that you deserve. For your free consultation, contact our office today.

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