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Insurance Claims Denied After Georgia Snowstorms


As the last of the snow finally melts from the two major Georgia snowstorms, we are hearing that a large number of insurers are denying car wreck claims caused by driver negligence on icy road conditions. This is a common practice by big insurance companies when a large-scale catastrophic event happens. A similar situation occurred when homeowners tried to file property damage claims after Hurricane Katrina.

7 Common Personal Injury Claim Myths

Can Insurance Companies Really Deny These Auto Wreck Claims?

Insurance companies may justify the denials stating that their clients (drivers who caused the wrecks) were not negligent because the storm was an “act of God.” Insurance companies can save millions of dollars on claimants (drivers who file the claims) who get fed up and just walk away, accepting the denial.

How Do We Get Justice in This Type of Case?

The “act of God” defense may be valid for some claims, but certainly, not in every case. It’s ultimately up to a judge or jury to decide whether the other driver was negligent and caused a wreck – not the insurance company. If you are being told by an at-fault driver’s insurance company that they are denying your claim, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation to challenge this denial of coverage.

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