How Might COVID-19 Response Affect a Personal Injury Claim?

How Might COVID-19 Response Affect a Personal Injury Claim?

When you’ve been injured, your settlement can feel like a lifeline—one that will get you back on your feet again after a disruptive, expensive and often scary period. But with the COVID-19 pandemic postponing some court business, many people with injury claims may be feeling anxious that their case will be delayed or even fall by the wayside. Is it still possible to make progress on a case during this time? 

If Your Case Is in Progress
Shortly after the governor declared a state of emergency in Georgia, the state’s chief justice declared a statewide judicial emergency as well. This closed the courts to all but “essential functions,” like domestic abuse restraining orders, juvenile court delinquency detention hearings and emergency removal matters. 

Of course, this meant that most personal injury trials were put on hold for the time being. Fortunately, at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill, we’re able to settle many personal injury cases outside of court, thanks to our reputation with the insurance companies. 

We’re still working on behalf of our clients to bring their cases to the best resolution. That might mean reaching a strong settlement now. Or it might mean making the difficult decision to wait out the court closures if the insurance companies aren’t playing fair. 

If Your Case is New
If you were recently injured, you may be wondering if it’s even possible to file a claim right now. We’re still working remotely on our clients’ cases. Even as we wait on the courts, it’s still possible to build a strong claim. 

But it’s also important to make sure your eventual case is in the best position possible. This means getting the medical treatment you need after an accident and keeping all of your appointments. If the medical facility you visit is overwhelmed and unable to provide care, document your attempts. 

Many providers have also moved to telemedicine in order to practice social distancing. Non-emergency evaluations and even physical therapy can be conducted through telemedicine. 

While COVID-19 has changed the way we do our work representing clients, it hasn’t changed our commitment. Our top priority right now is the health of our clients and our staff. We believe in protecting our community and our high-risk friends and neighbors. But we’re also working hard as a team, meeting by phone and video call and keeping our clients up to date on our progress. 

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