Black Friday Frenzy: Safe Shopping Tips

Black Friday Frenzy: Safe Shopping Tips

If you’re looking to shop ‘til you drop, Black Friday is the day for you. It can be fun to find your favorite items on sale and get a steal of a deal on everything from crock-pots to computers and anything in between. But, this day can also come with a lot of unfortunate costs that were not in the morning game plan. Robberies, injuries and sometimes even death can be commonplace on Black Friday. It’s unfortunate, but with so many people rushing around and oftentimes arguing and fighting, shopping can become a nightmare. But, you don’t have to fear the lines full of angsty people. You can prepare yourself and your loved ones with some simple safety tips.

Safety Tips for You and Your Family

If you’re braving the crowds to get those special deals, here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t worry about it: You may not get to everything on your list- It’s not worth wrestling someone in an aisle for the last set of blue kitchen towels.
  • Have a plan: If you’ve got a set list of stores, aisles and items, you’ll be more prepared to avoid a lot of hassle.
  • Watch your step: Be more aware of your surroundings and make it a point to avoid bumping into others.
  • It is not your fight: Don’t step in to resolve a fight between other shoppers – that is the job of the security staff.
  • Use your resources: Keep your phone on you in case of emergency.
  • Be on alert: People know there are goods to be stolen, so watch for suspicious people, especially for those that may be following you.
  • Keep your party close: Be careful to stick with those you came with. It’s easy to lose them in a crowd and they are also your best defense.
  • Shop online: When all else fails, this method is foolproof in avoiding the rowdy crowds.

Liability for the Store

So, when is the store responsible for your injuries? Stores know that large crowds will be coming through, so there are certain precautions that they must take. They must be able to ensure that they have proper security measures in place (crowd control, fights, etc.) as well as ensuring that hazards are not an issue. Hazards could include potential merchandise spills or falls such as toys, liquids or signage. Stores are liable for anything that they could have reasonably prevented.

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