Are You Aware of the Consequences of Distractions Behind the Wheel?

Are You Aware of the Consequences of Distractions Behind the Wheel?

Are Americans distracted behind the wheel? In 1928, the US hit a new milestone: the number of deaths on the nation’s roadways surpassed 25,000.

At that same time, George A. Parker was an appointed registrar of motor vehicles in Massachusetts. He found that Massachusetts contributed to 715 of the 25,000 deaths that year. Parker wanted to change that number. He determined that drivers were not in need of better roads or better mechanical equipment, but better ‘mental equipment.’

He was concerned that listening to music was distracting drivers and causing more accidents. With that in mind, he worked to have car radios banned. That didn’t go over so well. In the past, many people thought radios were not distracting. Rather, everyone viewed radios as serving a purpose: informing drivers about weather and traffic conditions. On the flip side, radios are just one item on a long list of distractions that continue to affect drivers everywhere.

Realities of Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is the distraction of the decade. Texting and driving has lead to numerous deaths in the last several years. While there are laws  prohibiting texting and driving, that does not stop the majority of people from doing it. In 2012, a young man by the name of Chandler Gerber was texting and driving when he collided with an Amish family in their buggy. Three children lost their lives  due to Gerber’s texting and driving, but no charges were filed.

A year later, a young man named Devin O’Niel crossed over the center line and collided with a car head on,  killing a group of women. O’Niel was sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of texting and driving.  We all must be aware that  tragedies such as these occur on a daily basis. We are the only ones who can take action to prevent more needless tragedies.

Be aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to the road. Before you take your eyes off the road to check an email or text, think twice before doing so. The consequences  may prove to be deadly.

Today, around 41 states, including Georgia, prohibit texting and driving. In addition to texting and driving, putting make-up on, changing the radio station, or even the odd case of shaving while driving are all considered deadly distractions.  Therefore, the next time you reach for your phone, remember that a single text or email can end someone’s life.

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