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5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor After A Car Accident


Being the victim of a car accident can be a stressful and complicated situation. It can take a while to get your life back on track. After sustaining injuries, your top priority should be your health and well-being. It is important to take an active role in your recovery and to follow-up with your doctor. When you seek medical care after an accident, there are certain questions you should ask your doctor. These questions help you learn about your injuries and put you in a better position to recover the compensation you deserve. Here is a list of the top five questions to ask your doctor after an auto accident.

1. What are my injuries?

While some people may be squeamish about their physical problems following an accident, understanding your injuries can significantly help your personal injury case. You should ask your doctor about the extent of your injuries and all of the body parts affected. You can also ask about the degree of injury (ex: minor, moderate, or severe). If your doctor uses unfamiliar medical terms, ask him or her to explain them to you. Do not be afraid to ask follow-up questions and to take detailed notes. Some physicians will not go into detail unless you ask, and understanding what is going on with your body helps you keep up with the recovery process.

2. What caused my injuries?

If you have already discussed injuries, you might feel like it is unnecessary to ask what caused your injuries. But this information can be vital to your personal injury case and your ability to recover any damages. Your doctor is a medical expert. The more details he or she provides about the cause of your injuries, the more information your attorney will have to support your personal injury claim.

3. What is my time frame for recovery?

Just as every injury is different, everyone’s recovery time is different. However, your doctor should be able to provide an estimate of how long your recovery will take. Soft tissue damage, for example, usually heals after a few weeks. Broken bones may take months or years to heal. This time frame may be extended, depending on your specific treatment and therapy. When your attorney files a personal injury claim, he or she takes into consideration your injury and your estimated recovery time.

4. Can I go back to work?

Depending on your job and the type of work you do, it might be necessary to take time off while you physically and mentally recover. However, this can result in lost wages. If you are concerned about returning to work, you should ask your doctor about whether it is safe to return in a limited or full capacity. If your doctor advises you to take time off, be sure to ask for a written doctor’s letter. In addition to asking for payment for any medical treatment, your personal injury attorney can also help you recover damages for lost wages while you recover.

5. Are there any future health implications due to my injuries?

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to make a full recovery after an automobile accident. While you are meeting with your doctor, make sure to ask about any long-term effects your injuries might cause or what conditions could develop in the future. By understanding these potential issues, you will be better prepared to identify and address any future medical problems. Also, knowing about these future needs will help your attorney establish the true costs of your personal injury claim.

How the personal injury attorneys at Buzzell Welsh & Hill can help

Asking your doctor these questions after an automobile accident can help you fully understand the extent of your injuries and your timeline for recovery. Clear details about your personal injury case can also lead to better results. If you have additional questions or need help with your personal injury case, call the Macon, Ga. accident attorneys at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill. We have experience in all types of personal injury cases, and we offer free consultations.

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If you have been injured, you need a Macon accident lawyer with experience. The Macon personal injury attorneys at Buzzell, Welsh & Hill will help ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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