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Winter Weather and Motorcycles


Here in Middle Georgia, there’s no need to store away your motorcycle when cold weather hits. Thankfully, our climate is mild enough for you to enjoy your bike year-round—provided you take some extra precautions to stay safe on the road. We’ve pulled together some tips that will make your winter rides safer and more enjoyable.

Dress right.

If you ride a motorcycle, you already know how important it is to wear a DOT-approved helmet, gloves, heavy boots, and a protective jacket and pants. In the wintertime, you’ll also need gear that keeps you warm but doesn’t sacrifice on safety. Specialized products designed for winter riding can help make for a more comfortable ride, but you might be able to start by simply shopping your own closet and adding moisture-wicking layers. Heated jacket liners and pants liners can up the warmth factor if you’re ready for an investment. Heated gloves will also keep your hands warm and flexible. Be sure to take breaks if you’re feeling numb or overly cold.

Prep your bike.

As cooler temperatures move in, now’s the time to check your motorcycle’s condition and be sure it’s still road-safe after a summer of riding. Most importantly, you’ll want to ensure that your tires have a deep tread. With cold weather, you’ll likely have less traction. Also be sure you’re good on antifreeze and your windshields are adequate. You may also want to consider adding heated grips if your motorcycle doesn’t already have them.

Keep an eye out for road hazards.

If you’re riding a motorcycle in Macon, you probably don’t have to worry about encountering a major blizzard. (Though it’s worth noting: If it snows or even looks like it might snow, get your bike back home.) That said, black ice and road salt still pose risks to your ride. Salted roads can cause you to lose traction, just like sand or gravel might. Look out for areas where crews may have salted, like bridges, on- or off-ramps and major intersections. Also, look out for black ice, just like you would in any type of vehicle.

Give yourself more space.

Riding a motorcycle in cold weather may pose an extra challenge, but the truth is many drivers struggle to adjust their driving habits in winter. You’ll want to leave an even greater distance than normal between your motorcycle and other drivers—just in case someone slams on the brakes or skids on unseen ice. You’ll also want to use even more caution when driving past cross streets. With shorter days and dimmer light, drivers won’t see you as easily.

Winter is a challenge to any driver—even in a fairly temperate place like Macon. Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going, keep your vehicle in good condition and take it easy while you’re out on the roads.

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