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How to Be a Safe Motorcyclist


When you’re riding a motorcycle, even a minor crash can have devastating results. There’s so little protection between you and the road—or you and other vehicles—that sprains, fractures, spinal injuries and even traumatic brain injuries are common. That doesn’t mean that it’s not still enjoyable to ride a motorcycle, but it does mean it takes a little extra thought and training to ride safely. Below, we’ve pulled together some tips to keep in mind the next time you hop on your bike.

Follow the rules of the road.

It’s common to see motorcyclists zipping down the highway at 100 mph. To be a safe motorcyclist, however, it’s important to follow normal traffic laws. Also, it goes without saying, but don’t drink and drive. It takes every bit of coordination and concentration you have to drive a motorcycle properly.

Assume other drivers don’t see you.

This one goes hand-in-hand with the point above: If you’re speeding, a driver taking reasonable precautions still may not see you. Even when you’re following traffic laws, ride with the assumption that drivers won’t notice your bike until it’s too late. Slow down going through intersections. Be ready to brake when you spot a car waiting to pull out from a cross street.

Dress right.

Motorcycles can be a great way to save on gas and get around town quickly. But if you’re planning to ride your bike to work or to social events, plan on packing a change of clothes. You’ll want to always have your arms and legs completely covered by heavy clothing—even in the middle of a Macon summer. You’ll also need heavy shoes or boots that cover your ankles. In a crash, regular sneakers won’t offer any protection. Most importantly, choose a helmet that meets Department of Transportation (DOT) standards; it should have a DOT label on the outside and a permanent inside label. It’s the law to wear a helmet in Georgia, but even if you’re traveling in a state without helmet laws, protect yourself and always wear your helmet.

Treat your bike well.

With so little between you and the road, it’s important to make sure your motorcycle is always running in top condition. Regularly check the fluid levels and tire pressure, plus make sure your lights and signals are working—anything to help other drivers spot you on the road. Don’t overload your ride, and make sure you choose a bike that feels comfortable. While you’re checking your maintenance list, consider your own proficiency as a driver. Georgia offers a Motorcycle Basic Riders Course to help teach you the split-second decision-making skills you’ll need to be a safe motorcyclist.

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